Gibson Custom Rick Nielsen 1959 Les Paul

While many guitarists will credit Jimi, Stevie and Eddie as their main influence… Rick will find his way into the hearts of a select few from the “bell-bottoms to Members Only” era. The Illinois native was the lead guitarist and lead personality of Cheap Trick. Robin Zander had the pretty face and Rick Nielsen had the wacky personality with the outfits to match. Cheap Trick’s live album “Live at Budokan” from 1979 is considered by most to be the best live album in the history of rock and roll. It is no wonder that most classic rock stations play the live version of “I want you to want me” and “Surrender” because it just has more raw energy.

So what makes this guitars any different than previous Rick Nielsen signature Les Pauls? Gibson really took their time to precisely replicate Rick’s 1959 Les Paul as if it was an actual vintage guitar that’s seen its fair share of wear and tear. For the last 25 years, the original ’59 Les Paul has been on the road with Rick. Because of its rarity and historic value, Gibson has created a high-end replica for Rick to take on the road and keep the original safe and secure. The good news for Rick Nielsen fans is that Gibson is releasing this model to the public with the first 50 guitars hand signed by Rick himself and will include a certificate of authentication.

You know that talk is cheap, and rumors ain’t nice,
but Bluzey will notify you when we find a sweet price.
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ESP LTD Eclipse ’87

ESP Guitars has released the long awaited and frequently requested ’87 Eclipse. What makes this guitar special? Could it be the smooth carved top? Or maybe because it has a mahogany body with 3 piece set maple neck for incredible sustain. Having a Floyd Rose locking tremolo on a Telecaster style guitar could also help the desirability of this Eclipse.

For other guitarists, 1987 was a special year. Hair metal bands dominated the airwaves and Guns & Roses was the hottest band of that time. “Sweet Child O’ Mine” was on constant rotation on MTV and many guitar players at the time were asking themselves, “what kind of guitar is Izzy Stradlin playing???” Til this day, you will find guitar forums with inquiries about the exotic pearl white Tele style guitar from the Sweet Child O’ Mine music video.

The new ECLIPSE ’87 comes in a black or pearl white finish, features an ebony fingerboard and is equipped with Seymour Duncan ’59 neck and JB bridge humbuckers. You can find used a used ESP Eclipse from 1987 for about $2-3,000 if you are lucky, or you can pick one up brand new for about $1,099.

Gibson Tony Iommi “Monkey” 1964 SG Replica

Black Sabbath’s guitarist Tony Iommi gets a proper tribute with Gibson’s 1964 “Monkey” SG Replica. Gibson’s Custom Shop will only craft 50 of these masterpieces. 25 in Left Hand and 25 in Right Hand configuration. Tony Iommi has even signed and numbered each of these guitars himself. Features include a zero fret, polyurethane finished fingerboard and custom hand wound pickups made in the UK. Each guitar even comes with a replica of Tony’s guitar strap, silver cross necklace with coffin case and a certificate of authenticity.

We will be on the look out for one and post it when available!

Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition George Harrison Rocky Stratocaster

Any fan of the Beatles should instantly recognize this as George Harrison’s Stratocaster affectionately named “Rocky.” What started out as a 1961 Fender Stratocaster finished in Sonic Blue turned into this iconic psychedelic work of art painted by George Harrison himself. Rocky was featured on the 1967 televised OneWorld event on the song “All you need is love.” It was also feature on the Magic Mystery Tour in the same year.

Fender Custom Shop does an excellent job to recreating Rocky. The back of the headstock features the faded “GRIMWOODS” decal where the Stratocaster was first purchased.

MSRP is $25,000 on this masterpiece. We will alert you when this guitar becomes available and let you know where to buy it.