ESP LTD Eclipse ’87

ESP Guitars has released the long awaited and frequently requested ’87 Eclipse. What makes this guitar special? Could it be the smooth carved top? Or maybe because it has a mahogany body with 3 piece set maple neck for incredible sustain. Having a Floyd Rose locking tremolo on a Telecaster style guitar could also help the desirability of this Eclipse.

For other guitarists, 1987 was a special year. Hair metal bands dominated the airwaves and Guns & Roses was the hottest band of that time. “Sweet Child O’ Mine” was on constant rotation on MTV and many guitar players at the time were asking themselves, “what kind of guitar is Izzy Stradlin playing???” Til this day, you will find guitar forums with inquiries about the exotic pearl white Tele style guitar from the Sweet Child O’ Mine music video.

The new ECLIPSE ’87 comes in a black or pearl white finish, features an ebony fingerboard and is equipped with Seymour Duncan ’59 neck and JB bridge humbuckers. You can find used a used ESP Eclipse from 1987 for about $2-3,000 if you are lucky, or you can pick one up brand new for about $1,099.

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